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Tune in for two new episodes every week as we interview guests to talk about the past and future of motoring. Professional automotive journalist Kris Clewell and co-host Jake Solberg also delve into obscure automotive history, discuss car culture, news, and the changing nature of the automotive landscape.

August 3, 2020

How To Be a Picker of Experiences, Not a Picker of Things…

Kris talks about an incredible experience meeting up with a man with quite a collection, and Jake talks about Road America and nearly burning his 911 to the ground.
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July 31, 2020

Why the new Bronco matters, and Mitsubishi doesn’t…

Jake and Kris discuss the real reason the Bronco matters, BBS being in bankruptcy, microwave ignition, and much more...


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WTF is microwave ignition?

Finally, a manual transmission Supra is coming....

Audi admits it is YEARS behind Tesla....

Mercedes to have front facing the rear

Toyota says it’s on track to produce solid-state batteries by 2025

BBS Declares Bankruptcy ....again

Ford Bronco has Goodyear WRANGLER tires....

Mitsubishi abandoning the UK market....


July 27, 2020

The Shelby Daytona is American Royalty

Jake schools Kris on the history of one of the most important American race cars of all time and its builder, Carroll Shelby. 

July 24, 2020

Picking up the pickup. What could go wrong?

Kris and Jake talk about the journey to pickup the new VW Caddy, and the feel good plan for the project. 



July 20, 2020

Scott Birdsall - How to Embrace the Violence

Scott, the founder of Chuckles Garage joins the podcast to talk about building Old Smokey F1, a  diesel-burning 1400hp Pikes Peak monster, overcoming life's obstacles, and how the garage heals all.